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Illusion in Indian Society- Is our current social structure created by our ancestors?

SC (Scheduled Cast) means untouchable castes, this very illusion! The British made 429 castes SC and today 1235 castes are in SC list. Did so many castes become untouchable after independence? From which study, statistics and criteria, so many castes have now come and been included in the SC list? The SC list made by…


Raja Jai Singh During the time of Raja Jai ​​Singh (1128 to 1150 AD) some Muslims reached Kashmir and begged them to stay there. He gave them a place. After this, there was such a flood of Muslims that within a few years that area became Muslim-majority. Queen Didda Two mighty forms of Queen Didda…


Basic History of Kashmir

The historian Hasan in his book ‘History of Kashmir’ has mentioned the conversion, “Sultan Sikander declared in cities in 1393 that a Hindu who would not become a Muslim would either leave the country or be killed.” In this way, Sultan Sikandar collected and burnt about seven minds from those who converted to Hinduism. Religious…

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